In these uncertain times what we need is solidarity and creative solutions

I’m not a writer and I don’t pretend to be… but I have the means to express myself, the technology, a wordpress account and domain name for a start! I’m a creative soul (a fine art painter among other things) and now is not the time for mixing up colours on a palette it’s a time to process.

To process what the whole world is too slowly coming to grips with and that is how to be, act and progress in a #covidworld. I see so many people taking to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and in very creative ways showcasing what they do, what they can now offer online. So many ways to adapt to this uncertain time when entire populations are on lock down.

It’s important to show our solidarity for our neighbours and small businesses by shopping online (locally where possible) at this time but also to foster an air of creativity in the way we work in general. Many of us will find this time of introspection a time to reassess our priorities in life. Gone (for good hopefully) will be ‘celtic tiger’ notions that were starting to creep back after a decade of austerity, gone will be taking things for granted. We are in as our Taoiseach Leo said.. ‘the calm before the storm’

As our lives get busy with contingency planning, reorganisation and adapting to working from home with our partners, (some with children photobombing video conferences) it’s probably best to step back before the weekend and breath. Some of us are parents navigating this new world and surveying the #homeschooling landscape with dread. We don’t need the ‘well meaning ‘Michaels & Annies’ gloating on classroom whatapp groups about much of the school curriculum their kids have covered.

All minor issues when we imagine what’s ahead. Everything must take second place to our physical health and protecting the most vulnerable in our society by staying the hell away from each other (while staying connected) but also our #mentalhealth to be patient and kind with ourselves while supporting the front line workers (Hauliers, shop assistants, cleaners to name a few). I was quite moved this morning by a video of a visibly upset Nurse in the UK who had come off a long shift only to find there was no fresh fruit and veg in the shops.

Empathetic and rational individual actions are required as well as far reaching Government measures and provision to allow for fair compensation and financial supports for all during these uncertain times but also creativity and positivity.

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